The 42 Anniversary President’s Message
June 2016

I am greatly honored and humbled to accept the position as President of Philippine Nurses Association of San Diego. I am proud and excited to carry on the tradition of excellence exhibited by this group since 1974. I am happy to be here, a La Concordia College graduate leading an exceptional nursing organization. Thanks to the Sisters at the convent who taught me well.

Someone asked me if I am excited about the position as President of PNASD. The response is “Yes, but there are concerns because it involves a lot of hard work, commitment, responsibilities…wrinkles, money, blood, sweat and tears.

Why do I want to be involved at this level? The answer is “Because I respect the organization, its members, the history of helping people and being part of something of significance”. I joined PNASD 10 years ago after retirement.

Just to give you a little background of PNASD for those who are not aware what this Association is all about. It is a non-profit 501c (3) charitable organization composed of volunteer Executive Officers, Board of Directors, Committee Chairmen and members. Our mission is to embrace all nurses and allied health professionals regardless of ethnicity, beliefs or perspective in life; we are inclusive and develop innovative nursing professionals through leadership trainings, continuing education classes and building a strong community partnership through collaboration with community organizations to promote their initiatives like the SD Black Nurses, National Association of Hispanic Nurses, Operation Samahan, Council of Filipino American Organization, Kalusugan, Philippine Heritage and Humanitarian Foundation, Philippine Consular Affairs, American Cancer Society and helping underprivileged people not only locally, nationally but globally. We have numerous projects in the San Diego community providing First Aid, Blood Pressure checks, Health Screenings, health teachings to the public; partake in immunization projects, fire safety and other community activities.

We have raised the standards of nursing students receiving scholarships yearly since 2001. We have given scholarship funds to more than 200 scholars. Tonight, we have 10 scholarship awardees to congratulate and award Nurses who excel in their field of nursing.

The theme of my Presidency is PNASD Pride: Community Service through Volunteerism, which is the very essence of the nursing profession. In the real world, it’s all about other people. Giving is the greatest thing we can do for humanity. People are known to be happier, when they give, when they engage in simple acts of kindness.

My goals will focus as well on increasing and maintaining membership, more funding for our nursing student scholars and continue leadership trainings, yearly fall education seminars, more community involvement, promoting advocacy and engaging in innovative nursing ideas. I solicit your support and commitment and encourage you to volunteer, become more involved in the community of San Diego and the world.

I would like to encourage every PNASD member to renew your commitment to the Association by maintaining your membership and recruiting new members. For those nurses that are not a member of PNASD, please sign up as new members. You will be welcomed.

To all members, we have numerous activities and projects for 2016-2017, please refer to our Calendar of Events.

I thank Dr. Merlie Ramira, her Executive Officers and Board of Directors for their outstanding services during the past two years and the accomplishments of all the Past Presidents. I will continue to pursue and uphold the mission and goals when making decisions and have the best interest of the Association in mind.

Thank you to PNAA Executive Board, PNASD Board of Directors and Officers, members, distinguished guests, donors, corporate sponsors, families and friends.

I welcome the New Executive Board and Board of Directors of 2016-2018.

Thank you and I will see you at the community events.

Vivian D. Sanderlin BSN, RN, PHN
PNASD President 2016-2018

From a PNASD Member:

June 24, 2016

Dear Friends,

The members of the Philippine Nurses Association of San Diego extend a cordial invitation to you to join our fellowship and help us maintain the solidarity of Filipino nurses here in San Diego. We promote activities that unify Filipino-American nurses in San Diego County. We offer programs to promote professional growth and development of its members. We offer scholarships to qualified nursing students of Filipino as well as of different ancestry. We promote mentorship and fellowship among nurses of Philippine ancestry. We participate in community projects and programs that foster health education. We collaborate with professional organizations and agencies to develop and implement educational programs relevant to nursing practice, education and research. We disseminate information regarding legislation and public policy which affect nursing and health care. These are some of the benefits of being a member of one of the finest Philippine Nurses Associations here in the USA.

Those members of the PNASD for some time have found the membership rewarding especially the camaraderie among members. We are confident that you, too, will enjoy this affiliation. We hope you will join us in our efforts and enjoy our fellowship.

Yours sincerely,


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