PNASD Strategic Goals for 2016-2018

Volunteer to make the World a Better Place

PNASD Mission

To embrace all nurses regardless of ethnicity, to pursue innovative nursing leadership,
improve professional image, and build a strong community partnership

PNASD Core Values

Caring, Excellence, Integrity, Service and Inclusiveness

Strategic Goals for 2016-2018
  • Continue the goals and vision of past Presidents

  • Reactivate Legislative committee for civic and policy advocacy per our By-laws to ensure current nursing and healthcare legislation.

  • Support PNASD Sub-Chapter and help them achieve their own goals.

  • Continue to promote public health community initiatives through partnership in the development of projects related to health.

  • Update the Website to reflect current information of PNASD

  • Provide members with computer training skills to keep current with the fast changes in technology. Establish a seminar on social media, emails and other computer programs for members.

  • To establish an outside consultant to audit PNASD records and ensure all audited reports are transparent to members.

  • Increase Membership to 35% by 2018 – Assign members to serve as liaisons to local health care facilities to recruit new members. Invite nursing students to become new members and form a Student Nursing organization. Create New Membership Program to welcome new members.

  • Develop a system to increase retention of new members.

  • Seek funding of projects relevant to the needs of the community through Grant Writing. Conduct grant writing seminars for members and identify members who can mobilize Grant Writing Proposals to increase economic stability of the Association.

  • Develop a research project through collaboration with community leaders, nursing students in the graduate program or align with PNAA in the Healthy Heart Research project.

  • PNASD will have in place a volunteer legal advisor, a certified public accountant (CPA) and a graphic artist. They will be honorary members (free membership). CPA will ensure that we are in compliance with our tax-exempt status as a 501(c) (3) with IRS, Esquire will give free legal consults on issues and a Graphic artist will do our graphics as needed by the Association.

  • Increase visibility by collaborating with community projects and activities – Council of Philippine-American Organization (COPAO), Operation Samahan, Kalusugan Wellness, Philippine Heritage, Philippine Consular, Philippine Medical Association (PMA), National Asian American Coalition (NAAC), Southwestern University (SWU), United States University (USU), University of San Diego (USD), California Fire Foundation, San Diego County, other schools and organizations.

  • Continue Diversity collaboration with San Diego National Association of Hispanic Nurses (SDNAHN), San Diego Black Nurses Association (SDBNA), Vietnamese, Chinese and other Ethnic Communities.

  • Develop and Implement workshops to promote health through partnership with Cancer Society, American Heart Association, Diabetes and other local Wellness programs.

  • Continue First Aid and health screening activities for the community.

  • Increase volunteerism among members through encouragement and mentorship.

  • Increase attendance of members to leadership conferences held locally, Philippine Nurses Association of America (PNAA) through funding from the Pilgrim funds of PNASD.

  • Search for a free space to accommodate PNASD Office. Ask Corporate/Businesses to donate an office for PNASD or Will of an Estate.

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