General Membership Meeting Schedule
Quarterly 3rd Sunday of the month @ 0830-12:00 pm
Location: TBA (Varies)

Professional Growth
“What Is It For Me As A Member”

Educational Seminar
Continuing Education Unit
(Offered at the General Membership Meeting)
Annual Scholarship Awards
Annual Nursing Excellence Awards
Western Regional Conference
PNAA National and International Convention

PNASD Events
Nurses Week and Excellence Awards Celebration (May)
Annual Nurse Scholarship Gala (June)
Annual Family Picnic (August)
Christmas Holiday Celebration (December)

Community Health Outreach
Volunteer Opportunities (First-Aid,
Blood Pressure Screening, Body Mass Index (BMI), Health Education of Public)
Lunar Year Festival (Jan-February)
Filipino Sun Festival (April)
Mana De San Diego Festival with SDNAHN (April)
Asian Cultural Festival [May]
Mabuhay Festival (June)
Philippine Cultural Arts Festival (June)
Health and Wellness Exposition SDBNA (August)
American Cancer Society Making Strides against Breast CA [October]
National City Health and Wellness Fair (October)
Consular Services for Health (October)
Other community events as scheduled by other organizations PNASD collaborates with:
(COPAO, Kalusugan, Operation Samahan, San Diego Black Nurses Association, National Association of Hispanic Nurses, San Diego Consular Services, Union of Pan-Asian Community, Colleges and Universities, etc.)

PNASD Committees
Contact Person: Committee Chairs

Education /Research/Grants - Responsible for educational in-service including annual education seminar and contact education units provided on General Membership meetings.
Selects program venue, theme, Speakers, do advertisement and post evaluations.
Meetings start six months prior to the annual education seminar.

Community Health Outreach - Responsible for coordinating volunteers to all community events scheduled for First-Aid Services, Blood Pressure checks and health education to the public. Certificates of attendance are provided to all volunteers at the end of each event. Inventory and replenish health supplies stock after each event.

Membership - Responsible for recruitment and retention. Provide welcome packets and schedules induction and orientation program for members on a quarterly basis. The committee updates the President and treasurer of current membership status.

Scholarship - Responsible in the selection of scholarship awardees annually. Advertise scholarship program to all nursing students who meet the criteria. Plans and executes Scholarship Gala event. Meetings start six months prior to event.

Nursing Excellence Awards - Provide a venue to honor excellence in nursing in the categories of: Clinical, Research, Education, Administrative, Informatics, Advance Nurse Practice, Entrepreneur, and Community Health Outreach annually. Seek out nurses in various health care systems that meet criteria for nomination.

E-Heritage Newsletter - Publish articles quarterly regarding PNASD events. As members of editorial staff, review and edit articles from contributors. Distribute newsletter to active members by email.

By-Laws/Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) - By-laws should reflect current organizational policy and procedures. Committee receives, reviews and edit all proposed amendments. Recommend amendments to General Membership 30 days prior to next term of office.

Budget, Finance and Business Development - Provides and plans activities to increase funding for operational needs of the organization. Oversee ways and mean, marketing and advertisement to meet financial viability and goals of the organization.

Marketing and Advertisement - Provides and seeks opportunity for the organization’s visibility to the community.

Hospitality - Manages registration of attendees to all PNASD events. Send greeting and sympathy cards.

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